women's fashion

In the year 2012, Rosie along with his best friend and co-partner Lucile started Wizard of the West -Wisconsin’s best online shopping store for women’s clothes and apparel. This is with the widest assortment of women’s products across all categories from local, national and international brands. Rosie and Lucile are in fashion. They are hooked in glamorous fashion trends when they were in high school and decided to create their own designs of clothes at the same time. Later, they end up building their own store in Wisconsin. Little did they know that the shop will become successful and it will grow bigger than what they are expecting it to be. They even opened their own website and people came to support them which made both their online store and physical store successfully operating right now. With millions of users and buyers at Wizard of the West, we are proud to say that we had already become the number 1 shopping destination for Internet users across the country and the best women’s clothing shop in Wisconsin.

We are proud of the journey of Wizard of the West up until now. We have partnered with several manufacturers and designers from the local and international scene just to make our shop possible. We are always collecting clothes that are trendy yet affordable. We want all the women can find comfort in shopping online. Come and visit our physical store and personally view all of our beautiful collection of dresses, gowns, denim, skirts, tops, shorts, pieces of jewelry and apparels as you browse our gallery in this site.

Wizard of the West is always supporting local designers in Wisconsin. By means of buying their products, you are helping them to improve and continue their dreams and skills to create more world-class women’s clothing designs. It will help them maintain their reputation as well. Wizard of the West is inviting you to keep supporting all these brands. Thank you for reading our short story.